Monday, April 27, 2009

Levi - comfy look of boy friend jeans

Looks tike it's time to give your skinnies a rest and reach out for your man's roomier denims.

Just when you thought you'd rather stick pins in your eyes than ever wear another pair of low-slung, thong-baring jeans, along comes the slouchy, relaxed, and - dare we say it7 - comfy look of boyfriend jeans.

"It's that very ability for reinvention that makes denim a mainstay in an American woman's closet," says Gregg Andrews, a fashion director at Nordstrom department store in the United States.

"Because there's so much variety in cut and finish, (she) can own a whole jean wardrobe," Andrews says.

Moreover, especially in times of economic uncertainty, denim means value. You can wear a pair of jeans for so long in so many ways you can
amortise the cost of even the most expensive pairs.

When celebs such as Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes were seen wearing a pair of Current/Elliot jeans that looked as if they'd raided their beau's closet, the style took off and has been endlessly copied by the likes of AG, Levi's, Citizens of Humanity and others.

Mauro Farinelli, the founder of the jean-centric Denim Bar and the Farinelli's in the US, comments, "The looser, roomier style is a reflection of the economy. Don't go too big, though, or you'll look like a hobo."

To reatlyrock this slouchy look, Farinelli says to fold down the waist band, cinch them with a belt, top with a T-shirt and wear with flip-
flops or slides.

Andrews suggests cuffing them, pairing them with a cropped jacket and toughening up the look with a substantial shoe either a gladiator sandal or chunky platform heel.

But don't store those skinny jeans just yet - they still work this spring. For an instant update, Farinelli suggests wearing those tight-fitting denims with brogues or saddle shoes and an Oxford blouse with three-quarter-length sleeves.- LAT-WP

Allure of the Kebaya

Allure of the Kebaya

AKEBAYA, the traditional figure-hugging blouse with intricate floral designs, evokes images of sensual and mysterious females.

It is usually worn pinned at the seams with decorative brooches and paired with a sarong, batik kain panjang or other traditional woven garment made of songket.
The outfit emphasises a woman's natural curves, enhancing her femininity.

The kebaya is sometimes made from sheer material and it is favoured by women in the Southeast Asian regions, notably Malaysia and Indonesia, who wear it for both casual and special occasions.

A variety of kebaya called the nyonya kebaya, which is peculiar to the Peranakan people, is also popular among Malaysian women.

Today, young local women are wearing the kebaya with long pants, skirts, three-quarter pants and over sexy tanks as part of a three-piece ensemble.

The result: old world charm meets modern-day chic.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Classic cut - Keeping up appearances with the Canali suit.

When it comes to suits, the Italian label Canali is considered a heavy weight. Its made-to-measure expertise is highly sought after and here in Kuala Lumpur at Pavilion KL, apart from items off the rack, a tailoring service is also offered.

While the name carries weight among the discerning, this spring its collection is all about going light.

Prepare yourself for cotton, linen and silk interweave fabrics in an elegant play of colour
- soft white, natural beige, sky blue and bolder navy blues, coffee browns and cherry reds.
Double-faced fabrics in the finest cotton or pure cashmere enliven solid-coloured jackets
with contrasting stripes.

Fine touches like white button holes and fine ultra-suede detailing make the suits stand out. Also, metallic black on embossed micro-geometric shapes seen in the slimmer silhouettes, and the use of stone grey and Mediterranean beige in the more classic suiting.

And speaking of shapes, traditional suits are softer, the jackets shorter and slimmer, and the shoulders while still well-defined, are less angular.

The two-button suits still retain their classic stylish-ness and discreet elegance as reflected in the button detailing. For contemporary designs, the suits follow cleaner lines, narrower lapels, notched or pointed, and in dark clolours such as black, blue and grey.

There are two collections for the season. Thers's the Spring Tale, the spring/summer 2009 special edition of the high-end collection. the fabrics are unique, exclusively created blends of super 150s wool and silk. it features unique shades of grey with two or three button jackets with clean lines, well-propor-tioned and well-constructed shoulders. Stitching contrasts the finishes, which include pure silk button holes and flower holder.

One of the highlights is the Kei jacket - a combination of the classic jacket and the blouson (outerwear). It doesn't have any padding so the jacket exudes a sporty/casual look without neglecting the Canali elegance. One has the option to have it lined or unlined (the latter being more suitable for our climate).

This season, the Kei is a two-button "double face" cashmere-silk with alcantara (ultra- suede) patches. It makes the transition from the office to after hours with ease, and is an elegant edition to any man's wardrobe.

The other collection is Leisure Time for casual styling. Bombers, half-trench coats and
field jackets are featured. Interesting pieces are the trench coats in pure Zealander wool or
treated silk; waterproof jacket in crisp taffeta "with a memory" as it goes back to-its original
shape after being creased; or the motorcycle jacket in nylon piq~, resistant to the elements and sO lightweight that it fits into a small sack that can be turned into a practical pocket when wearing the jacket!

For the high-end collection the cotton shirts are classic with stripes in warm tones of red,
citrus orange and sunny yellow, and dark shades for the stretch shirts. Pique are dual- function, elegant under a jacket and without a tie. The buttondown shirt is key with white collar and cuffs contrasting against the stripes. The collars are narrow and pointed worn with narrow ties.

For the casual rack, shirts are in orange, turquoise, acid green and bright pink.Stretch shirts and short-sleeves for striped shirts are paired with single-dart Bermuda shorts and work trousers
in striped cotton and denim.

Hopefully, when it comes to suiting up, some of the weight has been taken off your shoulders!