Monday, April 27, 2009

Allure of the Kebaya

Allure of the Kebaya

AKEBAYA, the traditional figure-hugging blouse with intricate floral designs, evokes images of sensual and mysterious females.

It is usually worn pinned at the seams with decorative brooches and paired with a sarong, batik kain panjang or other traditional woven garment made of songket.
The outfit emphasises a woman's natural curves, enhancing her femininity.

The kebaya is sometimes made from sheer material and it is favoured by women in the Southeast Asian regions, notably Malaysia and Indonesia, who wear it for both casual and special occasions.

A variety of kebaya called the nyonya kebaya, which is peculiar to the Peranakan people, is also popular among Malaysian women.

Today, young local women are wearing the kebaya with long pants, skirts, three-quarter pants and over sexy tanks as part of a three-piece ensemble.

The result: old world charm meets modern-day chic.