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Glamorous in red - Lustrous pearl jewellery the ideal accessory

Lustrous pearl jewellery the ideal accessory

FASHION designer Shamsu Yusof relishes the idea of designing outfits for movies and theatre for two reasons - the outfits are very character-driven, and because of his educational background in English literature.

He signed on to design costumes for the movie The Red Kebaya, and eventually created 400 to 500 pieces of clothing and shoes for the movie, accessorising them with vintage jewellery from his personal collection, including a few original Dior and Schlaparelli.

Shamsu was feted alongside Vanida lmran and Datin Natasha Hudson at the Glamorous Red Dress with Rafflesia White Pearls reception hosted by Raffiesia The Pearl Centre director Winnie Sin.

The event celebrated the three personalities' achievements at the recent 20th Malaysian Film Festival-Shamsu winning the Best Costume Design award and Vanida the Best Actress for their work in The Red kebaya, and Natasha being naraed Most Promising Actress for Chermin.

A simple cake-cutting ceremony was also held for Natasha, who recently celebrated her 25th birthday.

Befitting the event, Vanida and Natasha were beth dressed in heatltiful red gowns designed by Shamsu, and accessorised in lustrous pearl jewellery by Rafflesia that ranged from cultured to South Seas pearls.

“Today, we're celebrating three personalities from the entertainment and fashion industries as Rafflesia has always been supportive of these two local industries," said gaillesla publicist Bill Bora.

"We wanted to personify how good white pearls look on red dresses. It's a combination that will never go wrong.

"Pearls are classic jewellery that personify elegance and femininity, Girls will never go wrong with white pearls as they can be worn to a broad range of events, like Winnie's afternoon casual style, the two actresses' glamorous evening look, or even office wear.

“Well-known personalities like Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana and Jackie 0 favoured wearing white pearls,"

Sin added, "Any woman, young or old. Can wear white pearls for any occasion, whether day or night."

Shamsu said he wanted to create well-cut and simple gowns that reflected the personalities of those

who wore them.

“Vanida comes across as a conservarive actress, but people don't realise she's got a sensational sense of humour and is very articulate and intelligent.

"l went frilly to show her fun side, and used a deep red colour to reflect her sultry personality.

"1 created a more sophisticated and grown-up look for Natasha, befitting her new Datin status.

“The striking red gown is toned down with a layer of chiffon in a darker shade," said Shamsu.

His favourite creation from the movie is the signature red kebaya worn by Vanida in the movie's posters.

"The lacy top was done in the Kebaya Kota Baru design. It had a fitted design with a panel on the front, and was paired with a black batik sarong with florat motifs.”

Shamsu, who spedalises in designing one-off evening and wedding gowns for his own Margaret McCallum label, said he would love to design costumes for an epic movie about the old Malay palaces, like the warrior queens of Kelantan.

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