Saturday, November 24, 2007

Runway pieces with a classic twist

If you have rummaged through his first storybook collection and created your own stories in mix-and-match fashion, storybook Vol.2 will definitely captivate the fashion persona in you as Kelvin Tan springs out his new styles and designs.

Vol.2 is the talented young designer's new couture line that is currently available exclusively at isetanm Suria KLCC. Part of the department store's Designer's Selections programme for this year, Vol.2 shares the space with in-house brand Crescendo to make headlines this season.

Incepted last year, the Designer's Selections programme is an effort by isetan to promote its in-house brands as well as to provide a platform for young local designers to showcase their pieces to the mass market.

Tan's first collection, Storybook in Sungei Wang Plaza, has been around for more than a year and Vol.2, which was launched this month, has received overwhelming response.

“It's amazing! We sold out our stocks for the first few days, averaging about 60 dresses a day. I've been restocking every day with new designs and styles. It's really encouraging for me to see that my designs are receiving positive response,” Tan explained.

“The chic trendy tops and dresses have been very popular, especially with the young executive crowd. I've also maintained very affordable pricing so I guess that is another plus point,” he added.

The Vol.2 collection consists of novelty pieces that are not available in the first collection and is very reflective of Tan's signature high fashion designs.

“I've maintained my concept of making runway pieces wearable by giving them a classic twist. I think this is the attraction factor for my dresses because it is rarely that one finds such sexy and classic cuts on ready-to-wear racks,” Tan said.

The collection is a combination of loud geometric prints and classic colours to give it the softer touch.

“The geometric prints speak volumes so I have to tone them down with classic colours to make them look wearable anytime, anywhere. And of course, most of the pieces are detailed with ribbons, which is a signature style of mine,” he said.

Vol.2 will also be adding office wear and a cosmetic line scheduled to be released in Fall 2008.

“Judging by the mass market response, I would really love to take the brand to another level. I have big dreams and hope that it will become a home-grown big brand that makes international headlines. If foreign designers from Europe can penetrate our market, I'm pretty sure that local talents can do the same,” said the 26-year-old designer who is also a recording artiste.

Storybook Vol.2 is currently available exclusively at isetan, Suria KLCC.